New Online Casinos Canada

If you’re looking for the best new casino sites, then have a look at the below fresh casino launches. Our team of casino experts continuously check for new and exciting casino sites. After a thorough, critical review of the sites, we only include the best of the best in our list below. The below casino list is regularly updated, as we review the new entrants.

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New Canadian Online Casinos and How to Choose them: Start Playing Today!

Do you want to double or even triple your money? Do you like vacations, travel, and technology? There isn’t a single person who doesn’t want these. The biggest challenge people face is how to obtain the things they desire.

So how can you obtain these? How can you get more money? It’s simple. It’s a little risky, but what is life without risks? Risks are fun and exciting. They get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

You take risks to make progress. Progress is climbing the financial ladder. Unfortunately, climbing up the financial ladder is a long arduous process. Everyone wants to go higher, but not everyone is able.

But what if there was a way to skip the process? Wouldn’t you want to try, even if there were risks involved?

Well, there is a way.
New Online CA Casinos could be your ticket to the high life. Online casinos are an excellent way to increase your financial standing and have a fantastic time while doing it. That’s right, you can play an online casino in Canada with real money and win!

Online casinos have more advantages than physical brick-and-mortar casinos. For one, unless you happen to live near a physical casino, you have to travel. If you’re lucky, it’s a short drive, but in most cases, the trip can be costly.

On top of that, physical casinos will have more fees and upkeep charges as they not only have to keep their games running, but they also have to pay to keep their building, pay utilities, and pay countless employees.

Online casinos have none of this. You can do everything that you do at a normal casino but from the comfort of your own home. No need to spend 100s on gasoline or charging ports. There is no commitment to traveling hours. And, of course, you won’t have to pay any extra fees

Imagine that. You could be a high roller from your sofa.

Stop the travel, stop the hotels, stop the possibility of a dealer cheating you. Online casinos are the future and they are the kings of convenience.

So stop wasting your time and jump into the fray. Get your mega bonus casino win today!

How We Review New Canadian Online Casinos

In order to make sure you choose the right casino, we have a number of methods that we utilize to fully explore every online casino we review.
This process ensures that we can see every aspect of the online casino from the layout of the website to the quality of the games.

The first step we take is to look to see if there is anything obvious out of place.

Usually, the website itself is a good indicator. 

  • The site look well designed?
  • Does the layout make sense?
  • Does the mobile layout work?
  • Are there any obvious typos in any of the sections?

If there is something wrong with either of these, it’s usually not worth looking any further. If the casino’s website failed to meet some basic standard web design practices, they usually haven’t put much effort into anything else.

Assuming they pass the quick website overview, we then check to make sure the casinos are legitimate. We do this by checking licenses.

Every online casino should have a valid license from a gambling commission. It’s important to make sure that their license is good for online gambling as well.

If the casino is lacking any license, it is most likely illegal and should be avoided.

Once it’s passed that test, we then take a look at the games themselves. We look at the games to see how unique, fun, and fair they are. We also check the variation of games and how many are new and exclusive.

Additionally, this is a good time to look at their bonuses and offers. The better the casino, the better offers and bonuses they will usually have.

We also check how easy it is to deposit or withdraw funds and which kinds of currencies are allowed to be used. At a minimum, we make sure they accept CAD. However, most online casinos allow multiple kinds of currency from all over the world. It’s even becoming more popular to use cryptocurrencies as well.

Finally, we review the customer support. What we like are fast response times with in-depth help and explanations. 

Advantages of Playing in a New Canadian Casino

There are plenty of online casinos available to choose from, but choosing an online casino can actually benefit you greatly.

Like all technology, the longer it exists, the better it becomes. People are constantly inventing new things and innovating the old. New online casinos in Canada are no different.

Newer online casinos have several advantages.

For one, they offer amazing large bonuses to attract new customers, the newest casinos are the most updated. They will almost always have the most cutting-edge websites and mobile versions of their casinos.

There are new techniques for mobile and web development being invented nearly every day. New casinos will keep up with these trends and provide a better experience.

New casinos, when they’re first released, have one problem. They need to attract people to play. Luckily for the players, they will almost always benefit from this problem.

Things such as mega big bonuses, free spins, and amazingly generous offers are just a few of the rewards you can get by joining a newly established casino. Some of the offers may even allow you to have a chance to win big with little to no risk on your end.

Additionally, new casinos will often put out the newest games. They do their best to put out games that other casinos don’t have. These new games can be miles better than older ones.

They also usually have some kind of interesting or unique feature about their website. For example, a new casino could introduce a more interactive profile experience. Maybe your profile will have a “level” attached to it that can be increased with experience. Maybe increasing this level nets you extra rewards. Some new casinos will have these features.

The world of online casino making is cut-throat. There are countless websites trying to hold their heads above the water. This cut-throat market benefits the players significantly. Every new casino will do its best to stick out.

Whether it’s giving our bonuses or having the newest games, the new casinos will fight hard to keep you there.

New Mobile Casinos in Canada

Mobile casinos provide one of the easiest forms of play. You almost always have your phone with you, so why not bring your casino as well?

You can always be making bank if you frequent a mobile casino!

Ducky Luck Casino

Their website is sleek, intuitive, and responsive. It loads fast and provides quick access to games. The registration process is simple and straightforward.

The overall design looks aesthetically pleasing and the animations show developer skill.

There is a wide variety of games to play. All of them are fun and well-made with unique themes. You’ll surely be able to find something new, exciting, and exclusive to play here.

Withdrawing and depositing is simple. The withdrawal limit is set high, so you won’t have any issues getting your money out. They also accept multiple currencies so you have plenty of options when depositing.

There is a chat feature with decent customer support, but it is a bit lacking in that department. There is no toll-free number to call, so your customer support interactions will all be over the internet. They do, however, offer 24/7 support on their live chat system.

This casino offers several bonuses to new players.

Welcome bonuses:
  • 500% match Up Bonus + 150 Free Spins
On FIrst Deposit bonuses:
  • 600% match bonus depositing with Bitcoin 
Additional bonuses:
  • 125 More Free Spins

Overall, Ducky Luck Casino is a well-rounded experience that won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

Twin Casino

Twin is one of the hottest and popular casinos out there, it isn’t even fully registered in every country yet.
Despite this, they’re still making waves in the community. They have a good website with over 2000 games and they also have official applications on both iOS and Android stores.

Their game variety is huge. It ranges from slots and roulette to the very popular game of blackjack. The games appear to be well-made and well designed. They are fair and provide decent payouts.

Since the casino opened its doors not that long ago, they don’t accept as many currencies as the others. Don’t expect to be dropping loads of different types of cryptocurrency into this one.

They do, however, allow betting on sports. So maybe this aspect will make up for the lack of currency compatibility.

Additionally, the casino features a Twins reward. You get a 100% wager-free reward, whatever you win is yours right away. There is no minimum bet required and you can make Twin points with any bet, making your gaming experience easier.

The customer support can vary depending on which version of the casino you’re using. You’ll be able to find many helpful links and a live 24/7 chat is always available with little wait time.

Twin Casinos bonuses are very friendly and come with a variety of monthly promotions to keep things going.

Welcome Bonuses:
First Deposit Bonuses:
  • 100% Deposit match up to 500 CAD.

Twin Casino is great in the field and should be a smooth player journey, overall the experience is there and you should be able to get your money’s worth here.

New Live Casinos in Canada

Mobile casinos are great, but maybe you still want a more traditional experience. If this is you, you’ll be more interested in Live Casinos.

Live casinos are a newer form of online gaming. They are essentially live streams of real casinos that allow you to play from the comfort of your home.

Bet winner

Betwinner is constantly updating and innovating. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. However, if you’re up to the challenge, their software is always top-of-the-line and has some of the best experiences available.

They have live streams from high-end casinos all over the world. Selecting which one to choose is fun and exciting. You’re able to pick and choose which tables you want with ease. Switching between tables is a breeze as well.

To add icing to the cake, BetWinner also has a series of overlays you can turn on to give you more information and a bit of an advantage when it comes to keeping track of your score.

They also offer TV Games, Toto, Poker, Bingo, and Virtual Sports that you can visit for some more high entertainment.

With the minimum deposits being as low as 5 CAD, you won’t have any issues getting into this casino. The casino also offers a large variety of cryptocurrencies.
All withdrawals are done within 3 days except for larger withdrawals which can take up to 6.

Their customer support, however, is superb. Not only do you get access to a 24/7 live chat, but you can also request callbacks and get customer support via text message.

Their bonuses are not as big as others, but their overall services make up for it.

First Deposit Bonuses:

*100% deposit match up to 300 CAD

With the site constantly innovating and staying up to par, you can always expect a cutting-edge experience. If you’re okay with the shifting of the times and are willing to stay up-to-date, look no further.

Register today at Betwinner

True Flip

Their website and services are simple to use and up to date. They don’t have as many bells and whistles as some of its competitors, but what is there works and it works well. They are officially registered, so you will have no worries here.

True flip has a wide variety of live tables to choose from. They have all the typical casino games and even a few unique games. Each game has different styles. Roulette, for example, has over 4 different styles to choose from.

The games are also available in several languages, so you won’t have to worry if you’re more familiar with French

The tables have a variety of minimum bet limits ranging from as low as 50c to over 500 CAD.

Whether you’re looking to make a little beer money or are trying to roll high, there is a game here for you.

They have plenty of safe, reliable options for depositing and withdrawal. There are online banking transfers, visa, MasterCard, and several other options to choose from, including crypto.

True Flip also offers several bonus offers.

Welcome Bonuses:
  • 50 Free Spins no deposit bonus
First Deposit Bonuses:
  • 200%  deposit match up to 1000 CAD 
  • The bonus amount given  depends on the amount deposited. Also, all New players receive 50 free spins up for grabs on popular Play n’Go’s game: Book of Dead!

The site is well maintained and taken care of. They set a high standard and they stuck to it. There is an excellent variety of games and decent bonuses. Spend enough time here and you’ll be in the VIP zones in no time.

New Canadian High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos are for the big players. People who like to place big bets and win big. VIPs love high-stakes gaming. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to look into casinos for High Rollers. Get ready to take your chance at a mega bonus casino win.

JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity offers a high-end experience. Their websites are top-notch, and the mobile version matches that quality. It almost feels like you’re stepping into a VIP lounge in Las Vegas itself.

They have over 400 games available. Each game has amazing graphics and excellent sound quality.

The variety is huge from online slots to video poker. You won’t ever get bored of the games here. Each one is made to be the best it can be.

Additionally, they provide a loyalty program. The more you play, the more points you earn. These points can later be converted into cash. They basically give you free money for playing and making bets.

While lacking the ability to use cryptocurrency, they do feature a robust and safe way to make deposits and withdrawals. You’re able to deposit with several typical options such as bank transfers and via. Withdrawals work similarly with the added bonus of PayPal being an option.

Speaking of bonuses, they have many excellent offers available.

Welcome Bonuses:
  • 1600 CAD
First Deposit Bonuses:
  • 100% deposit match of up to 400 CAD x 4

With excellent customer support, software quality, and game selection, you will absolutely get a high-roller experience from this casino. If you like spending big and winning big, definitely give this casino a try.

Leo Vegas

This casino has an excellent user experience. Its website loads fast and works well. The design is very intuitive and self-explanatory. They have the easy-to-read text and a homepage that will lead you to where you need. This casino has quick signup with Google or Facebook.

With over 600 games, you’ll be able to find several that you’ll enjoy. They have a large variety of slots, table games, video poker, and even live casinos to choose from.

You can even find tables with lower requirements if you need a break from the high-intensity moments of big betting.

Banking options here are safe and secure. They offer the typical credit cards and bank transfers, but with large amounts of money, it’s better to play it safe. They have an extra safety measure of sometimes requesting proof of identity. This is to make certain there is no fraud happening when making deposits or withdrawals.

Their customer support is second to none. They have a full 24/7 live chat, a toll-free number you can call any time, and even an email support system you can use. All of these are high-quality with quick response times.

The bonuses come easy here. You receive a varying amount of match bonus as you make more deposits.

Bonuses get up to $1000 CAD + 10 Free Spins to win $1,000,000

  • First Deposit – 100% match up to 250 CAD
  • $10 Free Bonus after 1st deposit
  • daily free game on your first 7 days ( Up to 45 Free Spins) 
  • Second Deposit – 50% match up to 250 CAD
  • Third Deposit – 25% match up to 500 CAD

Total of 1000 CAD matched to your deposit.

Overall, if you want a high-end, well-maintained, premium experience, look no further than Leo Vegas. They are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime. From their simple slots to live tables, you won’t be disappointed by Spin Palace.

How to Choose a New Canadian Casino Site

Now that you are aware of several casino sites, how do you choose which one to use?

You’ll have to consider what it is you’re looking for.

Do you want something closer to a traditional casino experience? Then you’ll want to choose a live casino site.

If you just want to lounge around on the couch, mobile casinos will be the one for you.

You’ll also want to consider how much money you’ll want to be spending. If you’re only planning on spending a few CAD every now and again, you’ll want to avoid the VIP and high roller sections.

Having good banking options is also important. If you only deal in crypto, you’ll have to make sure the casino you want to use can manage that.

Overall, choosing a casino is a simple process of thinking about what YOU want and comparing it to what casinos have available.

How to do Deposits and Withdrawals in New Canadian Casinos

Deposits and withdrawals vary depending on the site that you are using. They are usually a simple process.

A typical experience consists of a few steps.

You start by registering with the site of your choosing. After that, you’ll have to choose your method. If you are using a bank, you might have to link your account.

Credit cards are usually the easiest way to start. You type in your information and enter the amount you want to deposit.

If required, confirm your identity. If all goes well, the money will be deposited shortly.

Withdrawals work the same but in reverse. You choose how much you want to withdraw and where you want it sent to. This process usually takes longer. Most transactions will take 1 to 3 days, but larger transactions can take up to 6. You may also be asked to confirm your identity again.

The process is streamlined and there is always the option of contacting support for extra help.


Are online casinos legal?

Of course! Most online casinos are perfectly legal. There are, of course, bad actors out there who may be acting outside the law, but most casinos are well within the rules. If you’re not sure, you can often find links to their licenses and accreditation at the very bottom of their websites.

Are online casinos fair?

Yes, online casinos are fair. They can even be fairer than traditional casinos. Online casinos use random number generators to produce results. These number generators are complex programs that ensure the games are truly random and fair.

Is my money safe in online casinos?

In general, yes your money will be safe in online casinos. Online casinos rely on their own reputation to keep new players coming in and current players staying.

How many online casinos should I use?

As many as you want! There’s no limit to how many casinos you can use. It can be one or many. It just depends on what you’re looking for. Maybe one casino has great slots that you like but doesn’t offer the live tables you like. In that case, you’d have at least 2 casinos!

How do I join an online casino?

Usually, this part is one of the easiest things to do. Most websites will require very little personal information from you to start an account. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get registered and start playing.

New Casinos
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Get up to $130
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